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Grit Salt Stockport – Winter Essentials Order Now –

The weather in Stockport last year through winter was one of the worst in 20 years. Fortunatley Safety & Lifting Solutions (salsuk) have pre-empted the another Grit Salt shortage by already stocking plenty of winter essentials. Based in Stockport Grit Salt Stockport are providing Grit Salt from 25kg bags to 1 Ton pallet loads if […]

B21 Air Compressor – Heavy Duty Air Compressors

The B21 is a base mounted Air Compressor ideal for stand by and back up support for numerous systems including  Sprinkle Systems, Food Hopper Systems and Air Blower reserve. Being base mounted, the unit can be attached direct or combined with a stand alone vertical air receiver the package can be left alone quiesent. Garage […]

Bigtrak on This Morning – i want one of those – Big trak

Bigtrak was featured on ‘This Morning’ today. The Big Trak was provided by ‘i want one of those’ . However, you can also buy the Bigtrak direct from for less ! Brought to you by: web design stockport Share ..FacebookTwitteremailTumblrLinkedinPinterest

NEXT release a version of Apple ipad for £180

Not many people could of predicted NEXT as being the ‘NEXT’ people to launch a tablet ! Since the birth of the £450 + ipad, China has been pumping out all sorts of ipad copies. Here in the office we had a copy of the ipad even before our genuine Apple had landed.  Not suprisingly […]