Search Engine Submissions

The Importance of Search Engine Submissions

Once you have created a website it is important to register your website with relevant Search Engines.

Search Engines like Google, AOL, MSN etc do not always automatically collect data from your website to include the listing within the Search Engine Results.

You might have a good content website that you cannot find in any search engine.

Most Search Engines require you to fill in a registration form and submit your website address or URL.

It can then take approx 3 months for the search engine to automatically ‘Crawl’ your website and and place the newly designed site within a search category relevant to the content within it.

With over 45 billion internet users worldwide not everbody users the same Search Engine. Therefore it is prudent to register your website with the top level quality most used Search Engines worldwide.

This can be very time consuming, especially when you are submitting your details to 200+ Engines.

Let MET Technology do this for you

MET Technology can successfully submit your website to these Search Engines on your behalf, saving you a lot of valuable time.

Once we have submitted your URL we will send you a report on which Search Engines your website has been submitted to.

If you require any further information on the Search Engine Submissions please call 0161 449 0978 or visit