B21 Air Compressor – Heavy Duty Air Compressors

The B21 is a base mounted Air Compressor ideal for stand by and back up support for numerous systems including  Sprinkle Systems, Food Hopper Systems and Air Blower reserve. Being base mounted, the unit can be attached direct or combined with a stand alone vertical air receiver the package can be left alone quiesent.

B21 Air Compressor - Air Industrial Unit

Garage Compressors .com supply various sizes of heavy duty long cycle Air Compressors from 3hp to variable speed screw compressors. These British built compressors have stood the test of time. Built since 1975 the proven Air Compressors are well suited to the prudent purchaser looking for a good investment.

HW16 Air Compressor - Air Industrial

For more information please visit their site at garage compressors

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