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If your looking for a company to carry out your embroidery digitizing then look no further. 

With over 30 years in the game the guys at Pyramid Promotional Designs go the extra distance when it comes to the finer details.

All too often we come across artists and designers who always seem to do half a job. A piecemeal effort hoping you will either a) not notice or b) will not question their work. 

When it comes to embroidery digitizing the clearest way to measure effort and commitment to a well threaded design is the finished article. 

 embroidery digitizing 
Thousands of logos are embroided on garments in corporate circles daily. But how many cut the mustard? How many are actually worth their money?


It’s all about the quality of the conversion. Embroidery digitizing is the conversion of an electronic  image ideally a JPEG, to a file ready for an embroidery machine to work its magic and reproduce your fantastic logo or design. 

This is where Pyramid Promotion Designs work their wonders… !

No auto punch software here… all the image conversions are done by hand. A long process done the old way giving you the very best stitch count providing you with the best embroided design you can get. 

It’s a lengthy process but not as expensive as you think. 

If you need something doing or require a quote give these guys a call. The best and clearest stitching you will find.

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Embroidery Digitizing 

embroidery digitizing

Stitch count matters

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Stockport Flat Roof Suppliers

BM Joinery are Flat Roof suppliers and installers in Stockport. With the recent storms over Britain theirs no better time to check your roof for damage.

Flat Roof Stockport
BM Joinery will provide a free no obligation quotation on any flat roof repair in Stockport from a small leak to a full roof no job is too small.

Using the latest techniques BM Joinery can provide a 20 year guarantee on new roofing installed throughout Stockport.

If you want more information please visit their Microsite here: flat roof stockportwebsite design stockport

Flat Roof Stockport – BM Joinery

Flat Roof Stockport.

Recently we had our flat roof replaced by a local company called BM Joinery.

Fitted with GRP Fibreglass with a 20year guarantee sealed the deal for us. We know flat roofs are one to avoid but the cost to give us a further 20years protection was one we could not overlook.

Give the guys a call if you need your flat roof rectifying whether it be a small leak or a full install Andrew and his team are great professional workers, clean, tidy and on time. A refreshing change.

Visit their website here at : Flat Roof Stockport


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Orbis Solicitors Ltd – Closed Down, Read more…

Orbis Solicitors Limited Closed Down,

Recently Orbis Solicitors Ltd of Beta House, Alphagate Drive, Manchester, Tameside M34 3SH has been closed down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority for reasons we do not know.

Their website currently show this…..

orbis solicitors

We believe many people are ‘mid case’ with Orbis Solicitors and are therefore in limbo as what to do.

If you are an ex Orbis Customer or are looking for some assistance with your case and require any legal help, please Contact Harvey Roberts Solicitors in Manchester who can assist you with any legal requirements or ongoing cases.

Their details are:

Harvey Roberts Solicitors

Tel: 0161 443 2828

Web: www.harveyroberts.co.uk


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