Which Oil should you use in your car or vehicle – Find out here !

Which Oil should you use in your car,motorbike, or even tractor ?

Well, its now easy to find out. Use the Shell Lube Match to find out.

Just type in your Registration or Make and Model and the Lube Match will tell you.

Car Oil Change no longer and expensive task with Shell Helix.

Nipping to the forecourt for that top up of oil is a job that never seems to happen. Waiting for the next vehicle service always seems to be the better option.

However, for some reason i never thought of buying engine oil online !

Easier than than buying it in the garage ? well the amount of time i am in their filling up the tank you would think not.

Well fear not… as whilst trawling the internet trying to find the actually price of engine oil i stumbled across the Shell Helix Online Shop 

Amazing… for some reason it seemed easier to order online in the comfort of the office. Next day a Shiny bottle of liquid gold (literally) landed on the door.

Pocket a little lighter now, but would of been even lighter if i had to use fuel getting it from the local garage. !!

So if you want some Shell Helix, then go and have a look…. Shell Helix Online Shop


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Google Website Optimiser Email ALERT !

There are two different security issues around Google products over the past 12 hours or so. The first is with Google Website Optimizer where there was the potential of an Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack. The second is with people using Goo.gl, Google’s URL shortener, within Twitter to grab your Twitter passwords. While the second one, goo.gl is not really a Google issue, the Google Website Optimizer XSS issue is.

Google sent out an email to Google Website Optimizer users saying:

Dear Website Optimiser user,

We are writing to inform you of a potential security issue with Website Optimiser. By exploiting a vulnerability in the Website Optimiser Control Script, an attacker might be able to execute malicious code on your site using a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack. This attack can only take place if a website or browser has already been compromised by a separate attack. While the immediate probability of this attack is low, we urge you to take action to protect your site.

We have fixed the bug, and all new experiments are not susceptible. However, any experiments you are currently running need to be updated to fix the bug on your site. Additionally, if you have any Website Optimiser scripts from paused or stopped experiments created before 3 December 2010, you will need to remove or update that code as well.

There are two ways to update your code. You can either stop current experiments, remove the old scripts and create a new experiment, or you can update the code on your site directly. We strongly recommend creating a new experiment as it is the simpler method.

The email goes on to give specific examples on how to modify your current experiments to make sure you do not have malicious code on your site.

At the end of the email, Google apologized, saying:

We’re committed to keeping Website Optimiser secure, and we’re deeply sorry for this issue. We will continue to work hard to prevent future vulnerabilities.

Yours sincerely, Trevor Google Website Optimiser Team

Bloody brilliant……. just what we all need, more work to do due to Google’s failings yet again !!

Looks like a few of us have a bit of overtime to do….

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Recall an email you sent in Outlook !

Did you know you can retrive an email that you sent via Outlook before it has been read?

How many times have you clicked the ‘send’ button then realised you have sent it to the wrong person or sent the wrong quote to the wrong customer or even sent an email to your friends and regretted it afterwards!

Well…. worry no more, not many people know you can recall any email you sent via outlook, heres how to get out of that sticky situation…

Outlook 2003:

1. From Outlook 2003, open the “Sent Items” folder.

2. Double-click the e-mail you wish to recall, opening it in a new window.

3. Select “Actions” – “Recall this message”.

4. Choose to either delete unread copies of the e-mail or delete unread copies of the e-mail, replacing it with a new message.

Outlook 2007:

1. Go to the Sent Items folder in Outlook and open the message you want to recall.

2. Click on Recall This Message in the Tools menu.

3. If your message hasn’t already been opened by the recipient, either delete the message or replace it with a new message.

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