Google TV Coming soon to your living room…

Google TV will soon be launched. With Apple TV coming on the market this week, will Google TV work?

Google TV aims to combine the web with TV and the TV with the Web. Manufactures are already signing contracts to implement Google TV into their sets. Bring you and all in one media viewing and recording experience. Viewing the web on your TV will increase your social time at home and with the family. However, do we not already spend enough time watching TV? are we not told we need to do more excersise? heres some BIG facts that have forced Google into the TV market. Do you think Google are in this for the money……?

Googles Interesting facts from their preview video (see Below)

1) The Average amerian spends 5 hrs per day in front of the TV

2) $70 Billion is the amount of advertising spend on TV in America alone.

3) 4 Billion TV users worldwide compared to 1 Billion phone users.

You be the judge… here’s the videos.

Google’s Developer Video Preview:

Google TV – How it Works:

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