ISS – International Space Station Over Manchester, UK

International Space Station over Manchester.

Over the past few weeks the International Space Station (ISS) has been doing the circuits over the UK.

We thought we would share this fabulous shot taken of the ISS over Manchester by our Director.

He took the shot near to our office and looking West caught the moment the ISS passed.

The Photo was taken using a Canon 1100d camera with a 18-55mm lense with a exposure of 20sec on a standard tripod.

Normally the ISS looks like a bright star moving slowly across the night sky, but allowing the camera 20 secs of exposure the ISS is clearly shown as white line.

If you look clearly you can also see the other stars starting to rotate around the Earth. This again is due to the timed exposure showing you that the Earth indeed is rotating… (always good to know!)

Anyway, here’s the picture that also got shown on Granada Reports News and Weather on Monday 31st October.



International Space Station - ISS over Manchester

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