NEXT release a version of Apple ipad for £180

Not many people could of predicted NEXT as being the ‘NEXT’ people to launch a tablet !

Since the birth of the £450 + ipad, China has been pumping out all sorts of ipad copies. Here in the office we had a copy of the ipad even before our genuine Apple had landed.  Not suprisingly the quality just was not there, however for £98 on your door with 90% of the gizmos the genuine apple version contained, it wasn’t a bad present for the kids!

But then other market leaders are demonstrating and tempting us with their own versions being released within 3-4 months, like HP, Verizion, Dell etc.

What nobody saw though was NEXT !!

Next have jumped the gun. Nobody’s quite sure who is manufacturing this tablet for Next but its out and available to buy NOW. No messing no launch and no high price tags. Sure the table or as they like to call it…. the ‘Next 10″  (which i wouldnt walk in to their shop and say out loud) will not be the same as the ipad, but could it be better ???

here’s what we do know:

The Next 10″ contains,

• 10″ WXGA LCD touchscreen displaynext tablet
• Google android operating system
• 2GB Storage + Cardreader includes 8GB Micro SD Card
• Arm 11 processor
• WiFi, 2 x USB ports, microphone and headphone socket
• Operates in portrait and landscape

We haven’t had our hands on one of these yet but we are assuming its a glossy media player with the addition of Android, who knows??? maybe we are seeing a new trend?


We are suprised however at the lack of publicity this little unit has had. After all its a NEXT product. Not quite what we expected when we noted that Next also sell genuine Apple gear on their website.

Only time will tell, but if you ask me, opening a NEXT Tablet on Christmas day would not be the same. And if you are spending £180 on a ‘copy style’  Tablet why not buy neither and just get a lovely MSI Netbook instead.

MSI NetbookAvailable from Argos for £164  (absolute bargain) CLICK HERE

Or save yourself some money have more fun and get yourself one of these… BIGTRAK

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