Recall an email you sent in Outlook !

Did you know you can retrive an email that you sent via Outlook before it has been read?

How many times have you clicked the ‘send’ button then realised you have sent it to the wrong person or sent the wrong quote to the wrong customer or even sent an email to your friends and regretted it afterwards!

Well…. worry no more, not many people know you can recall any email you sent via outlook, heres how to get out of that sticky situation…

Outlook 2003:

1. From Outlook 2003, open the “Sent Items” folder.

2. Double-click the e-mail you wish to recall, opening it in a new window.

3. Select “Actions” – “Recall this message”.

4. Choose to either delete unread copies of the e-mail or delete unread copies of the e-mail, replacing it with a new message.

Outlook 2007:

1. Go to the Sent Items folder in Outlook and open the message you want to recall.

2. Click on Recall This Message in the Tools menu.

3. If your message hasn’t already been opened by the recipient, either delete the message or replace it with a new message.

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