Shell Helix open Online Shop – HX7, HX5, Ultra, 5W-30

Shell Helix Open Online Shop – Buy HX5, Hx7, Ultra and other engine oils online.

Nipping to the forecourt for that top up of oil is a job that never seems to happen. Waiting for the next vehicle service always seems to be the better option.

However, for some reason i never thought of buying engine oil online !

Easier than than buying it in the garage ? well the amount of time i am in their filling up the tank you would think not.

Well fear not… as whilst trawling the internet trying to find the actually price of engine oil i stumbled across the Shell Helix Online Shop 

Amazing… for some reason it seemed easier to order online in the comfort of the office. Next day a Shiny bottle of liquid gold (literally) landed on the door.

Pocket a little lighter now, but would of been even lighter if i had to use fuel getting it from the local garage. !!

So if you want some Shell Helix, then go and have a look…. Shell Helix Online Shop


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