Update to the Marple Tunnels – Pictures etc

A few weeks ago i told a story regarding the Tunnels in Marple / Dooley Lane / Roman Lakes.  You can read the original story here…

I have noticed that we have had over 1034 people read the original blog and quite a few people have come from other sources like one of our Twitter followers blog (always a good read may i add), The Marple Leaf

Therefore i was searching through the pages on Google and came  across some pictures from another sight that threw me back about 20 years.

The forum article is posted by ‘SkipRat’ who i assume in 2009 (forum post date) took the images.  I doesn’t say where he is from or the date of the images. but i do recognise most of them.

Anyway, go and indulge yourselves a little more….

The Marple Tunnels Update Pictures

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