How to Change WordPress Post Order

Have you ever wondered how to move an old WordPress post back to the front page or top of the list easily? Well, here’s a little trick that still works well and takes less than a minute. If you have Auto twitter installed on your WordPress Blog aswell, dont worry, it will still tweet the newly moved post as usual.

The little trick is handy if you want to relocate a old post from weeks or months ago back to the top of blog and insert it back to the front page. Yes there are many plugins that ‘apparently’ once installed do the trick like ‘postmaster’ etc but you will quickly find they do other things you dont want like re-post old auto drafts and deleted posts.

Heres the little trick:

1) Open the old post you want to move by either double clicking on the post or selecting Edit.

2) Now, change the ‘Status’ of the post to Draft.

3) Change the Publish date to todays date and the time now or in the future.

4) Re-publish or Schedule the post.

5) The post will now re-appear at the top of all your posts.

6) Job Done !

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