Inbound website links – a must !

Inbound website links – a must !

MET Technology Ltd is well known for its innovative services and competitively priced search engine optimisation

services. Our latest offerings are permanent and guaranteed links to 400 directories . Our permanent link service can help you get the high PR guaranteed links that you are looking for. All of these links are from high PR directories. MET Technology has a network of directories that we submit to have your link be permanent and guaranteed. MET Technology has provided nearly 1000 customers with search engine optimisation services and we are confident that permanent one-way links will bring a new edge to Search Engine Optimisation.


1. What is the permanent link directory submission service?

A. We guarantee permanent links from 400 directories and page rank of these directories are from PR5 to PR0. Each directory submission will offer you permanent links to your site, and you can submit up to ten descriptions and ten titles for each site. To make sure that the permanent links are indexed by search engines, we give you the option of slow link building in which we spread out the directory submissions over a one-month period, so every week we will make sure your site gets around 50 new permanent links.

When we say we will be giving you guaranteed links, we mean it. At the end of our we will send you a detailed report of all the permanent links that you have received from this service. Our guaranteed one-way permanent links service, has been designed with one objective in mind: to increase the number of permanent links to your site, and also to ensure that you are fully aware of the expected increase in page rank and ranking for your site.

2. Is your Directory Submission Service the same as the Permanent Links from Directories Service ?

A. Our Directory Submission Service has nothing to do with our Permanent Links from Directories Service. We have one directory list for Directory Submission Service and another list for Permanent Links from Directories Service. The directories that we submit to the Directory Submission Service are not owned by us and we submit only to free directories. In Permanent Link from Directories Service we own these network of directories and most of them are paid directories. In Directory Submission Service we do only submission and approval is given by the webmaster who owns the directory; in the Permanent Link from Directories Service we give you approved links.

3. Why should I choose MET Technology?

A. Unlike other sites that claim to offer similar services, our links are guaranteed, and they are permanent. We do not believe in cheap search engine optimisation tricks like temporary links with high page ranks; such tricks only add temporarily to your search engine ranking and end up doing more harm than good to your site. With over 400 directories from which permanent links are generated, we make sure that your links are from a wide array of sites.

4. What about the IP?

A. The permanent links we are offering are spread across over 100+ unique IP addresses. No other service on the internet offers guaranteed links from so many unique IP addresses. In addition you receive a detailed report of the permanent links generated.

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